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The 6th Benedict Goh Malaysia Schools Mathematics Championship 2023

Annoucement on 17 Nov 2023 (Fri): We are now preparing your medals and certificates. Medals and certificates will be shipped out from our side after we finish packing them. Thank you!

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Friday 1 January 2021

Benedict Goh Mathematics Championships in Year 2021

Dear teachers, parents and students,

First and foremost, we would like to wish you a very happy new year.

In year 2017, the Benedict Goh Mathematics Championships was founded in Malaysia with the main objective of spreading the beauty of mathematics among all the primary and secondary school students by exposing them to interesting and challenging mathematics problems. In addition, our championships also aim at encouraging students to learn mathematics and apply the mathematics knowledge learned. Today, the championship has also becoming a platform for students to compete with participants from different places.

The Benedict Goh Malaysia Schools Mathematics Championship is held annually since 2017. However, there is an exception. The year 2020 turn out to be very different for all of us. It will also be a very special year in the history of the Benedict Goh Mathematics Championships. This is due to the coronavirus outbreak in many countries, including Malaysia. To fight back against this pandemic, a Movement Control Order (MCO) was lifted in Malaysia in March 2020 and many students will be learning from home. And of course, our mathematics championship was also not conducted in year 2020.

However, the coronavirus pandemic cannot hinder our students from loving mathematics as well as learning mathematics. For students who cannot attend a physical class, they are attending online mathematics class at home. They also learn mathematics by using books and videos. Teachers are also doing their best in promoting and popularising the beauty of mathematics. This is revealed when parents and teachers approach us and ask us about our mathematics championships for year 2020. We would like to thank all of you for contacting us, approaching us, giving suggestions to us, and encouraging us.

Now, we have good news for you. In this year, we plan to organise an online mathematics championship in Malaysia. The championship that we mean here is 'The 4th Benedict Goh Malaysia Schools Mathematics Championship 2021'. It will take place over two days and it will be fully conducted online. This online championship is conducted with the approval of Ministry of Education, Malaysia. More information about this championship will be announced in our official website soon.

In year 2021, the Benedict Goh Mathematics Championships will continue to encourage the learning of mathematics by organising interesting and fun mathematics competition. We wish that you will enjoy learning mathematics in this new year. We also hope that you would like our upcoming mathematics event.

Best regards,
Benedict Goh Kah Hong
BMC Founder


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