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The 6th Benedict Goh Malaysia Schools Mathematics Championship 2023

Annoucement on 17 Nov 2023 (Fri): We are now preparing your medals and certificates. Medals and certificates will be shipped out from our side after we finish packing them. Thank you!

All other older announcement can be found here.

Malaysia Mathematics Championships Calendar

You are now viewing the Malaysia Mathematics Championships Calendar. All the mathematics championships (including the upcoming mathematics championships) organised by us in Malaysia will be listed here. The championships are arranged by competition dates. If you wish to view the championships by series, please visit all Mathematics Championships in Malaysia.

Year 2023
  • 8 - 13 August: The 6th Benedict Goh Malaysia Schools Mathematics Championship 2023
Year 2022
Year 2021
Year 2019
Year 2018
  • 24 - 26 April : The 2nd Benedict Goh Malaysia Schools Mathematics Championship 2018
Year 2017
Remark: No championship is conducted in year 2020.

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Welcome to the Official Website for the Benedict Goh Mathematics Championships - BMC Worldwide and the official home for the most prestigious test of mathematics in the world.

The Benedict Goh Mathematics Championships is a competitive mathematics game founded by Benedict Goh Kah Hong in 2017 when he staged the very first Benedict Goh Malaysia Schools Mathematics Championship in 2017.

You can register here to learn mathematics, compete, find out how the game works, follow the achievements of competitors or see the results of competitions worldwide.

If you are interested in forming a mathematics club, or staging a competition, you can find our contact details on the About Us page.

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