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The 6th Benedict Goh Malaysia Schools Mathematics Championship 2023

Annoucement on 17 Nov 2023 (Fri): We are now preparing your medals and certificates. Medals and certificates will be shipped out from our side after we finish packing them. Thank you!

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Saturday 20 January 2018

Announcement: BMC Malaysia Schools 2018

We would like to let you know about an upcoming championship in Malaysia that you may be interested in: The 2nd Benedict Goh Malaysia Schools Mathematics Championships 2018. We have been preparing for this event since months before and we believe that it is what many of us have been dreaming for a very long time. It is a competition that serves as a platform for all primary and secondary schools students in Malaysia to compete with participants from different regions of the country. The championship will be held from 24 to 26 April 2018 at each participating school separately. We would like to invite prospective students to register as a participant.

For your information, the championship will be held as per the following details:
Competition Date: 24 to 26 April 2018
Registration Period: 1 January to 16 March 2018
Venue: The competition will be held at each participating school separately
Format: 30 multiple choice questions, to be answered in 90 minutes
Fee: RM 30.00 per participant
Eligibility: all primary and secondary school students in Malaysia

With the awareness that the application of mathematics is indispensable in many fields such as medicine, physics and computer sciences, there is a phenomenal increase in the participation of mathematics championships in Malaysia. Therefore, we hope to receive a tremendous response from schools, parents and students for this upcoming tournament. We believe that this championship is one of the best opportunities for your students to apply their knowledge in Mathematics that they have learned from the classroom and to stimulate interest in mathematics among the youngsters.

Further information of this championship will be posted in this website soon. All students from Year 1 to Form 6 in Malaysia are invited to take part in this competition.  We are looking forward to this event and we hope that as many students as possible will join us to make the second Benedict Goh Malaysia Schools Mathematics Championship in 2018 a strong, exciting and successful competition! We look forward to your participation. Thank you.


  1. Hi
    My daughter registered for the Benedict Goh Malaysia Schools Mathematics Championship 2021 from Sekolah Kebangsaan Kg Tunku, Petaling Jaya.

    We are unable to access as we do not have the link to the online competition.

    Please advise.
    Thank you

    Concerned Parent,

    Thinaharan Sundaram

    1. Hello Thinaharan Sundaram. We already answer your questions on phone call. We also send you the competition link on WhatsApp. Finally, we would like to congratulate your daughter for completing 'The 4th Benedict Goh Malaysia Schools Mathematics Championship 2021'. Thank you and congratulations!


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